Manuka Smoked Olives - a MUST try!

February 11 2021 – Georgie Foot

Our Delicious Manuka Smoked Olives, double pack!
Our Delicious Manuka Smoked Olives, double pack!

It’s a match made in heaven. Olives, Manuka Smoked.

We got busy during the lockdown this year and created a new artisan product - Manuka Smoked Olives. We drain the olives, dry them, cold smoke them for 4 hours with Manuka wood chip and then vacuum pack them in extra virgin olive oil.

It’s been a hugely fun process of experimenting where we source the Olives from,   the type of Olive, how long we smoke them and so on. We think we’ve finally landed on something quite special. 

We’ve been selling them at artisan markets around Central Otago and more recently listed them online, and have been overwhelmed by the response (we’ve even converted a few ‘Olive-haters’). 

Olives are the perfect partner for smoking. Biting into these small stone fruit, you’ll discover the layers of flavours, with the finishing hit of a rich, meaty, smokey flavour. 

We hope you love them as much as we do!