Truffle Salt & Seasoning Combo

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Truffle Salt & Seasoning Combo

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Double up on truffle goodness with this truffle combo!

  • Black Truffle Sea Salt 160g: made from real New Zealand black truffle blended with locally harvested Marlborough sea salt.
  • Black Truffle Seasoning 200g: a delicious blend of real black truffle and natural spices.

    How To Use Truffle Salt? The perfect addition to your popcorn, mashed potatoes, vegetables, french fries, chicken, corn on the cob, steak, eggs, pasta, and in cream sauces.

    Try adding Black Truffle Seasoning to your mashed sweet potatoes, pizza , or as a finisher for that creamy pasta. Enhance your breakfast with a dash in your scramble or dusted over your eggs benedict, with a thick side of truffle dusted avocado!

    Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly, Non GMO.

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    How To Use Truffle Salt & Seasoning

    Elevate the Humble Spud

    Sprinkle Truffle Salt or Seasoning over potatoes (in any form!) and your meal is instantly elevated...Baked Sweet Potatoes, Roast or Mashed Potatoes or Hot Chips (served with a homemade Truffle Mayo for an even greater truffle flavour).

    Risotto With A Truffle Twist

    Bring a delightful truffle flavour to a classic Risotto with either the truffle salt, truffle seasoning. Or both! Use as a finishing seasoning, don't be afraid to use generously.

    Burger, But Better

    Made from real truffle, both the salt and seasoning bring a rich and authentic truffle flavour to your dishes. A personal favourite is truffling up the Burger. Remove the top bun, sprinkle both the salt and seasoning and enjoy!

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