The Journey of Raglan Food Co: From Garage production to B Corp Certified Factory

April 28 2023 – Katherine Diabordo

The Journey of Raglan Food Co: From Garage production to B Corp Certified Factory
The Journey of Raglan Food Co: From Garage production to B Corp Certified Factory

Raglan Food Co. is a food business that produces dairy-free alternatives such as coconut yoghurt, kefir, and condiments. Founded by Tesh and Seb in 2014, the brand has since become a household name in New Zealand. In this post, we'll learn more about the story of Raglan Food Co. and its journey to becoming a certified B Corp.

Starting in the Garage

Tesh and Seb's journey to creating Raglan Food Co. wasn't planned. Tesh was making coconut yoghurt at home to help Seb, who had dairy allergies. They both loved yoghurt and didn't want to give it up, so Tesh started experimenting with making it from coconut cream. They shared a few jars with their neighbours, and the demand for their coconut yogurt grew from there.

Before starting Raglan Food Co., Tesh ran a digital agency with Seb, working with ethical and sustainable-focused brands. She had varied career experiences, including event management, insurance, accounting, radio, and start-ups.

Rapid Growth and Milestones 

From starting in their garage, they quickly outgrew the space and built a makeshift factory in the middle of Raglan township. In 2020, they opened their custom-built factory and now supply over 650 stores nationwide and export overseas.

One of their most notable milestones was becoming a certified B Corp in 2020. The certification evaluates a business's impact on the community, suppliers, customers, team, environment, and governance. Raglan Food Co. scored 96.7 on their first attempt, a testament to their commitment to the highest possible standard.

Favourite Way to Enjoy Their Goods

Tesh's favourite way to enjoy their coconut yoghurt is dolloped on granola in the morning. However, their Natural Greek-Style flavour is a great sour cream replacement, and a squeeze of lemon adds extra tartness.

Aligning with Other Artisan Businesses 

Raglan Food Co. has many foodie friends, but one they particularly enjoy is Chia Sisters, who deliver juices weekly. Chia Sisters is also a B Corp and has a great philosophy around work/life balance. Raglan Food Co. shares their values and enjoys their juices for the taste and how they run their business. 

Final Thoughts 

Raglan Food Co.'s journey is an inspiring one, from making coconut yoghurt at home to building a factory and becoming a B Corp. The brand's commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, their community, and their team is evident in their products and the impact they're making. They're a prime example of how a business can grow while maintaining its values and staying true to its roots.